Greensky Bluegrass Debuts ‘Worry For You’ In Albany

Watch the band premiere the 'Stress Dreams' track and stream full-show audio.

By Scott Bernstein Jan 21, 2022 10:09 am PST

Greensky Bluegrass kicked off their winter tour featuring support from The Infamous Stringdusters on Thursday in Albany, New York. The jamgrass quintet offered the live debut of “Worry For You,” a song featured on Stress Dreams, during their first set at the Palace Theatre one day before the studio album came out.

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The band played a two-night stand at Denver’s Mission Ballroom earlier this month, where they went sans covers outside of “Auld Lang Syne.” GSBG repeated the feat in Albany, which mandolinist Paul Hoffman and dobroist Anders Beck hinted at in an appearance on The JamBase Podcast.

“Jaywalking” led into “New & Improved” to get Greensky’s first set of the tour underway. The latter was one of four songs from Stress Dreams to make the setlist in Albany. “Do Harm” was then followed by “Train Junkie,” a tune penned by Beck and Benny Burle Galloway. Anders talked about how excited he was to play music for the fans and shouted out Stress Dreams before GSBG launched into “Worry For You.” Next came rarity “Bont’s Breakdown,” which was played just one time in 2019 since 2014 as per Phantasy Tour. The five-piece closed the set by pairing “Do It Alone” and “Living Over.”

Greensky went with Stress Dreams single “Monument” to open last night’s second set. Oldies “Beauty And Pain,” “Old Barns” and a “Kerosene” that spanned over 14 minutes followed. GSBG went with live staple “Take Cover” next before Hoffman’s “Against The Days” led into an expansive “Tarpology.” The beloved “Windshield” ended the frame. The quintet then returned to conclude the night with “Until I Sing” off Stress Dreams as the encore.

Earlier in the night, The Infamous Stringdusters treated fans to a 10-song set. The group mixed originals such as “Colorado,” “Sirens” and “Fork In The Road” with covers of The Police’s “Walking On The Moon” and the Grateful Dead’s “Touch Of Grey.” GSBG and The Dusters continue the tour tonight at The Met Philadelphia.

Watch fan-shot video featuring “Worry For You” from last night’s show and stream an audience recording of both bands’ performances taped by Keith Litzenberger below:

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The Infamous Stringdusters (via Setlist.FM)

Set: Rise Sun, Colorado, Sirens, Touch Of Grey, Fire, Back Home Again, Walking On The Moon, Vertigo, If You’re Gonna Love Someone, Fork In The Road

Greensky Bluegrass (via PT GSBG)

Set One: Jaywalking, New and Improved, Do Harm, Train Junkie, Worry For You*, Bont’s Breakdown, Do It Alone, Living Over

Set Two: Monument, Beauty and Pain, Old Barns, Kerosene, Take Cover, Against the Days, Tarpology, Windshield

Encore: Until I Sing

* – first time played

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