Greensky Bluegrass Horror Story Halloween In Seattle

By Scott Bernstein Nov 6, 2013 11:00 am PST

For this year’s Halloween show Greensky Bluegrass played a pair of sets at The Neptune in Seattle. In a move Phish would dig, the band used the evening’s first set to spell out “BLOODBATH” using the first letter of each song.

The show had a Horror Film theme as the stage was made up to look like a scene from a scary movie. There were even tables with bloody sheets covering what seemed to be bodies, rusty saws, axes, shovels and grinders strewn about. The band itself dressed as zombies for the performance.

Musically, the Michigan-based band threw down a bevy of covers in the first set and stuck with originals for the closing stanza. Song titles of tunes performed in the second set such as “Blood Sucking F(r)iends and “I’d Probably Kill You” nodded to the occasion.

Here’s a look at Greensky Bluegrass’s Halloween setlist:

Set One: Beat It, Light Up Or Leave Me Alone, One Slip, One Way Out, Driven To Tears, Big Railroad Blues, Atlantic City, Time > High & Dry

Set Two: Windshield > Evil jam > Before Bring Out Our Dead, Bring Out Your Dead, Tarpology, I’d Probably Kill You, Demons, Blood Sucking F(r)iends, Handguns, Broke > Kerosene  

Encore: Down the Road, Second that Emotion, Broke Reprise

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