Grateful Dead Performs ‘Way To Go Home’ In 1993


The Grateful Dead dug into their vault to unearth pro-shot video featuring a performance of “Way To Gome” from June 13, 1993 at Rich Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. Led by keyboardist Vince Welnick, the previously unreleased “Way To Go Home” video is the latest installment of the band’s All The Years Live video series.

“‘Way To Go Home,’ one of Vince Welnick’s two original contributions to the Grateful Dead’s setlists (along with ‘Samba In The Rain,’ which debuted in 1994), entered the repertoire in 1992 and was played 92 times by the Dead,” explained GD archivist David Lemieux in a note accompanying the video. “Along with a four-part harmony on the chorus along with Phil [Lesh], Bobby [Weir], and Jerry [Garcia], it reliably provided an inspired guitar solo by Jerry, including the excellent solo he plays here in Buffalo on the 1993 Summer Tour. Incidentally, this was my final live Grateful Dead show. ‘Way To Go Home’ is one of the standout tracks from the Dead’s new ‘Ready Or Not’ album featuring live versions of new songs played by the Dead 1992-1995, including the magnificent 6/28/92 Deer Creek version of Vince’s first contribution to the repertoire.”

Watch the Grateful Dead’s performance of “Way To Go Home” from June 13, 1993 below:

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