Grateful Dead Shares ‘Dave’s Picks Volume 32’ Preview & ‘Seaside Chat’


The Grateful Dead’s new live archival release, Dave’s Picks Volume 32 is now available for pre-order via Due on November 1, the set features every note the band played at The Spectrum in Philadelphia on March 24, 1973. A “Seaside Chat” from GD archivist David Lemieux has been shared as well as audio of “Here Comes Sunshine,” “Box Of Rain” and “Mexicali Blues” from the forthcoming release.

As noted, the Dead’s March 24, 1973 at The Spectrum was a marathon affair featuring a whopping 31 songs. The band played a number of tunes debuted one month earlier including “U.S. Blues” precursor “Wave That Flag,” “Here Comes Sunshine” and “Row Jimmy.” A wild jam out of “Truckin'” that leads into a particularly short “Dark Star” is a highlight of the second set.

The concert featured on Dave’s Picks Volume 32 took place just weeks after the death of founding member Ron “Pigpen” McKernan. Lemieux discusses the effect Pig’s passing had on the band and the how “He’s Gone” took on a new emotion at The Spectrum during his “Seaside Chat.” Watch David Lemieux’s “Seaside Chat” about Dave’s Picks Volume 32 below:

Stream audio of “Here Comes Sunshine,” “Box Of Rain” and “Mexicali Blues” from the set, which is limited to 20,000 copies and expected to sell out today, below:

Dave’s Picks Volume 32 Tracklist


  1. Bertha
  2. Beat It On Down The Line
  3. Don’t Ease Me In
  4. The Race Is On
  5. Cumberland Blues
  6. Box Of Rain
  7. Row Jimmy
  8. Jack Straw
  9. They Love Each Other
  10. Mexicali Blues
  11. Tennessee Jed
  12. Looks Like Rain
  13. Wave That Flag
  14. El Paso

CD 2

  1. Here Comes Sunshine
  2. Me and Bobby McGee
  3. Loser
  4. Playing In The Band
  5. Promised Land
  6. China Cat Sunflower>
  7. I Know You Rider
  8. Big River
  9. Stella Blue
  10. Me and My Uncle

CD 3

  1. He’s Gone>
  2. Truckin’>
  3. Jam>
  4. Dark Star>
  5. Sing Me Back Home>
  6. Sugar Magnolia
  7. Johnny B. Goode