Grateful Dead Daves Picks Volume 12 | Colgate 1977

The fourth and final 2014 installment of the Grateful Dead’s Dave’s Picks series of archival releases will feature yet another show from the incredible year of 1977. Dave’s Picks -Volume 12 contains the Dead’s November 4, 1977 performance at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York with a bonus filler from two days earlier in Toronto.

The band put the newest Dave’s Picks up for pre-order via and it immediately sold out. Dave’s Picks -Volume 12, which is due for a November 1st release, has been limited to 14,000 copies and many were already reserved through the Dave’s Picks subscriptions that were offered towards the end of last year. Jeffrey Norman has mastered the three discs worth of music to HDCD specs.

Original Grateful Dead archivist, the late Dick Latvala, was a huge fan of the Dead’s ’77 show at Colgate. Latvala’s notes on the show included, “this show must have destroyed everyone’s mind, with the unique material (‘Dupree’s Diamond Blues’ & ‘Aiko Aiko’) and great performance. One can easily tell that this was a special occasion by the way Lesh carries on at the beginning of the 2nd set.” The third disc of the new release contains 75+ minutes from the Grateful Dead’s November 2, 1977 performance at the Seneca College Field House in Toronto.

Watch Grateful Dead legacy manager David Lemieux’s Seaside Chat about the release

Take a look at the tracklist for the new release:

Wesley M. Cotterell Court, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY (11/4/77)

Disc 1
1. Bertha> [7:50]
2. Good Lovin’ [6:26]
3. Brown-Eyed Women [5:56]
4. Cassidy [5:02]
5. It Must Have Been The Roses [7:42]
6. Sunrise [4:19]
7. New Minglewood Blues [5:38]
8. Dupree’s Diamond Blues [6:45]
9. Let It Grow [13:43]
10. Jones Gang Introduction [1:40]
11. Samson And Delilah> [7:21]
12. Cold Rain And Snow [6:03]

Disc 2
1. Playing In The Band> [13:03]
2. Eyes Of The World> [13:11]
3. Estimated Prophet> [11:18]
4. The Other One> [4:25]
5. Drums> [3:35]
6. Iko Iko> [10:47]
7. Stella Blue> [11:45]
8. Playing In The Band [7:01]
9. Johnny B. Goode [4:44]

Disc 3 –Seneca College Field House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (11/2/77)
1. Promised Land [4:54]
2. They Love Each Other [7:28]
3. Me And My Uncle> [3:05]
4. Big River [6:22]
5. Candyman [7:10]
6. Looks Like Rain [8:30]
7. Ramble On Rose [8:41]
8. Scarlet Begonias> [10:28]
9. Fire On The Mountain [7:33]
10. Terrapin Station [10:14]