Grateful Dead Artwork & Memorabilia From The Collection Of Hal Kant Up For Auction


Hal Kant was a longtime attorney for the Grateful Dead. While Hal died in 2008, his wife Jesse has kept a collection of memorabilia and artwork Kant obtained from the group over the years. Jesse Kant has put 96 lots featuring banners created by artist Jan Sawka hung onstage in 1989, backstage passes and many other items up for auction via Stremmel Auctions. The online-only auction ends on Saturday, December 9 at 10 a.m. PT.

Some of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Rex Foundation. Here’s a note describing that decision:

In the spirit of the generosity that Hal, Jerry and the Grateful Dead were known for – we’ll be making a donation to the Rex Foundation at the end of the auction as a gift from Dr. Jesse Kant, the estate of Hal Kant, and Stremmel Auctions. Hal served on the board of the Rex Foundation from it’s start back in 1983 until he passed away in 2008. The Rex Foundation was established as a non-profit charitable organization, allowing the band to proactively support creative endeavors in the arts, sciences, and education. Despite Jerry’s passing in 1995 the Rex Foundation continues to make grants funded by the very elements that hold our community together: music, connection, fun, creativity and community spirit. Since 1984 the Rex Foundation has granted $8.9 million to over 1,200 recipients. For more information please visit

Keyboardist Scott Guberman, who plays frequently at Terrapin Crossroads, is among those who would like to see Sawka’s banners used for Grateful Dead stadium shows in the late ’80s kept in one collection. “An important part of history and a piece that had a huge impact on my life is up for auction. This is the Grateful Dead banner, made by Jan Sawka, that hung from scaffolding on the huge stadium stage they used to play on in the late 80’s. This is one continuous piece of art, although it is being auctioned as separate pieces. I, as well as the daughter of the artist, would prefer to see it remain fully in tact and remain an important part of history that others can someday view and enjoy. Ideally, they should be bought and placed in a museum. Please spread the word to save this wonderful piece of art. We’d like to see a good person or group of people with these intentions to buy this as one whole unit,” wrote Guberman.

Head here to browse the lots and to make bids.