Grateful Dead 50 Organizers Honor Eric Vandercar

On February 3 the jam scene lost one of its pillars when Eric Vandercar was killed in a train accident as he was on his way home to his loving family after work. The Grateful Dead was one of EV’s bands, so it is no surprise he attempted to score tickets to Fare Thee Well -Celebrating 50 Years Of Grateful Dead in Chicago. Workers wading through the hundreds of thousands of mail orders recognized Eric’s envelope, and as detailed by the as detailed by the Wall Street Journal, erected a shrine to Vandercar at the Stinson Beach house where they processed the ticket requests.

The makeshift memorial, which consisted of a candle, his photo and a vase of greenery next to his mail order envelope, was captured in a photo that was displayed as part of the pre-show for the Fare Thee Well webcast on July 3. We’re glad Eric Vandercar was part of a weekend that was just as much about community as it was about the music.