Go-Get-Em Guitar Edition: Goran Ivanovic & Fareed Haque, Elkhorn, Cimiotti And Ross Hammond


Goran Ivanovic & Fareed Haque: IndoBalkan

You know we love some great guitar music here at the Weekly RecommNeds HQ. Hopefully you do, too. Here’s a nice bunch of early-2020 must-hear guitar music. First up, is the on-again/off-again duo of Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque. Longtime JamBase readers might know Haque from such outfits as Garaj Mahal, but his guitar duo “project” with Ivanovic has been on hiatus for quite some time. It’s a shame, because the work on their return release IndoBalkan is a treasure of acoustic music, where jazz, classical, and all sorts of worldly influences mesh in gorgeous melodies. Go get it!

Elkhorn: The Storm Sessions

Speaking of guitar duos, unlike the previous pair, Elkhorn has been pouring out excellent music at an admirable clip. Jesse Sheppard and Drew Gardner’s latest release is the result of a snowed-in jam session, rounded out to a trio with friend Turner Williams. The album is two long improvisations that will take your mind for a spin and then some. The combination of 12-string acoustic and six-string electric seems to create whole new sounds, manifested purely to hypnotize and soothe. Slow-burn, smokey-room psychedelia at its finest. Go get it!


Cimiotti: Va Piano

Now that your higher cerebral functions are fully sedated, let’s go all the way to the deep meditation shit. Cimiotti is the project of Paul Collins, who combines sparkling ambient guitar with electronics to paint lovely, understated soundscapes. I discovered this music in an opening slot earlier this year, another always catch the opener lesson learned. These pieces have the feel of sentient beings, walking, swimming, climbing, exploring. Fully relaxing and entirely engaging, this is your mid-winter headphone candy. Go get it!


Ross Hammond: Our Place On The Wheel

I’ll end this set with a guitar record that maybe isn’t a guitar record at all. This is the latest from Sacramento’s Ross Hammond, who puts out a few records a year, each so different, each finding new ways to bend his resonating steel guitar, either solo or with new collaborators. Our Place On The Wheel, is a trio record, Hammond joined by Mike Pride on drums and the legendary Oliver Lake on alto sax. Is it a guitar record or a jazz record or a blues record or more experimental Appalachian raga from Hammond? Yes, yes, yes and yes. It’s something different in all the right ways, so, you know, go get it.