Watch Goose Perform ‘A Western Sun’ & ‘Echo Of A Rose’ In New York

The 52-minute segment closed the band's first set and showed off two different sides of the quintet's improvisational skills.

By Scott Bernstein Jul 1, 2021 10:53 am PDT

Goose shared pro-shot video featuring the adventurous “A Western Sun” into “Echo Of A Rose” pairing that brought their first set to a close during the opening night of a recent two-show run in Perry, New York. The 52-minute, jam-filled sequence was played at the Silver Lake Twin Drive-In on June 15.

The instant classic segment began with the longest “A Western Sun” yet. Goose took their time working the jam into a rolling boil featuring guitarist Rick Mitarotonda wailing away on his axe to the delight of the crowd.

The quintet went with a different approach for the “Echo Of A Rose” which followed the 29-minute “A Western Sun.” Goose explored blissful soundscapes over the course of the expansive set closer as opposed to the evil-tinged improv that led into the song. Official audio featuring the entire show is available for streaming and purchase here.

Goose resumes their summer tour with two sold-out concerts at The Pines Music Park in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Friday and Saturday. Livestreams including both shows as well as the five-piece’s two-night stand in Denver on July 9 and 10 are available for purchase via LivexLive.

Check out Goose’s “A Western Sun” > “Echo Of A Rose” from Perry below:

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