Goose Lets ‘Echo Of A Rose’ Bloom For 29 Minutes At Philadelphia Opener

Watch the improvisational highlight from the first of two nights at The Met.

By Ryan Storm Mar 25, 2023 9:22 am PDT

Goose brought their spring tour to The Met in Philadelphia last night for the first of two shows. After an energetic and exploratory opening night at Roadrunner in Boston, fans were excited for a throw-down in a city that has historically delivered incredible shows from the band.

Wasting no time, the band opened up with “Rockdale” and quickly took it to improvisational waters. Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda spurred drummer Ben Atkind into pushing the tempo as he shredded to the first of many peaks. The jam then moved into a funky groove reminiscent of “Jive II” as multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach tapped on the Hammond organ. The jam continued unabated as the tones grew darker and more ominous, getting into an excellent grimy segment. A long tension-build led the band back to a euphoric conclusion to the 20-minute show opener.

The energy continued with readings of the funky “Atlas Dogs” and the first cover of “Love is a Battlefield” since last August. “Everything Must Go” put Mitarotonda’s incredible guitar tone on display as he soared through impressive sustained runs in his solo while bassist Trevor Weekz solidly anchored the music.

“The Old Man’s Boat” gave Anspach an opportunity to show off his beautifully-toned Vintage Vibe electric piano before fan (and band) favorite “Thatch” blew the roof off the Met to close the set.

The quintet came back out for the second set and rolled right into the distinctive synthesizer intro to “Animal.” The capacity crowd danced through this tune as Mitarotonda once again utilized his phrasing to really open up the groove. The rhythm section was put on full display throughout this section of the show as they laid down a perfect foundation. Recently debuted Anspach composition “Feel It Now” came next, the perfect call to keep the audience moving.

“Echo of a Rose” was tapped next and, stretching to nearly half an hour, marked itself as jam of the night and possibly year so far. Instead of the usual Goose jam motif where they aggressively push for a peak, the band opted to let the improv develop more patiently and sat back into a low-key groove. Subtly adding tension little by little, Mitarotonda gradually pushed the “Echo” jam into a darker mode. Atkind moved to a faster and more driving beat as Anspach began to pepper the improv with spooky and reverbed-out organ.

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While there were no songs played last night that featured Anspach on guitar, he utilized the instrument during this huge jam. As the tension and intensity continued to build, he reached behind him and began tapping the fretboard, adding more dissonant textures. The improv reached a boiling point and finally exploded back into “Echo” proper, with the crowd eating up every second of the insane peak.

Goose closed out the second set with “Turned Clouds.” The slinky number featured standout solos from Anspach and Mitarotonda and gave the audience one last big peak.

Tapping “Mr. Action” for its first outing in the encore slot, Goose sent many of the 3,500 fans home happy and eagerly awaiting the next night.

Continuing to display their commitment to exploration and PATIENCE, the Connecticut quintet has started off their spring tour on a high note. Goose returns to The Met tonight for their second of two sold-out shows. A free webcast is available for subscribers.

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Setlist (via El Goose)

Set One: Rockdale, Atlas Dogs > Love Is A Battlefield[1], Everything Must Go, The Old Man’s Boat, Thatch

Set Two: Animal, Feel It Now, Echo Of A Rose[2], Turned Clouds

Encore: Mr. Action

Coach’s Notes:

  • [1] Pat Benatar.
  • [2] Fast version.
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