Watch Goose Debut Hopeful New Song ‘Not Alone’ At Capitol Theatre

Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda sang lead on the latest addition to the band’s repertoire.

By Andy Kahn Mar 10, 2023 7:28 am PST

Goose continued their first headlining run at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York on Thursday. Night two featured the debut of a new song entitled “Not Alone,” which was sung by guitarist Rick Mitarotonda.

“Not Alone” was premiered as the second song of the second set of the second show of the band’s five-night run at The Cap. The new tune followed a heavily-jammed “Tumble” set opener that spanned 25 minutes and incorporated elements of “Pick Up The Pieces” from Mitarotonda.

Starting off quiet with reflective and hopeful lyrics, “Not Alone” was punctuated with Mitarotonda’s soaring guitar solo that propelled the new song to a climactic finish. The rest of the five-song second set was rounded out with heavy doses of improvisation via “Rosewood Heart,” a cover of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” and a 22-minute “Madhuvan” closer.

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Thursday’s first set featured three songs that debuted in 2022, “Atlas Dogs,” “California Magic” and “Borne” (which was played at a faster tempo), as well as another 2021 debut “The Old Man’s Boat.” Those fell in alongside Goose staples “Jive I” which opened the set, “Rockdale” which closed the set, and a mid-set “Elizabeth.”

Another favorite, “Turned Clouds,” served as night two’s encore. Goose will host the middle show of their five-night run at The Cap tonight. Listen to an audience recording and watch pro-shot video via the FANS livestream preview of Thursday’s show below:

Audio Taped by Al W.

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Goose Night 1 At the Capitol Theatre Recap

Setlist (via El Gö

Set One: Jive I, Atlas Dogs, Elizabeth, California Magic, Borne[1], The Old Man’s Boat, Rockdale

Set Two: Tumble[2], Not Alone[3], Rosewood Heart > Sinnerman, Madhuvan[4]

Encore: Turned Clouds


  • [1] Double time feel
  • [2] With Pick Up The Pieces tease from Rick
  • [3] FTP
  • [4] With Loose Ends teases
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