Goose Debuts New Original & Welcomes Percussionist Jeff Arevalo For Opening Night Of Bingo Tour


Goose kicked off their Bingo Tour on Friday night where the band plays setlist bingo with fans during a livestream concert. The Connecticut-based group had a number of tricks up their sleeves including the addition of percussionist Jeff Arevalo and an original debut as well as covers from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Kenny Loggins and more.

Goose got the show underway with frequent collaborator Jeff Arevalo on percussion. Jeff has played standup bass with guitarist Rick Mitarotonda and guitarist/keyboardist Peter Anspach for their acoustic performances. The music got started with a “Free Space Jam” before heading into “Jive II,” the closing track on their 2016 studio debut, Moon Cabin. The tune saw Rick stretching out a bit before heading into the first verse. Anspach then delivered a tasty organ solo ahead of the song’s slow build with Mitarotonda at the helm. Goose continued with more Moon Cabin’s “Into The Myst” ahead of “Drive.” After taking a lap around the barn and a little rainstick from Coach, the “Mystery Song 1” bingo ball popped up prompting the band to debut a new song called “Travelers” before ending the set with a 15-minute plus jam.

Set two got going with “Echo Of A Rose” followed by Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Green River.” Goose kept the choice covers rolling with Walter Murphy’s funky take on a classical classic, “Fifth Of Beethoven.” The band then headed through a slew of segued originals including “Time to Flee” “40 Squats” and “Indian River,” which led into a Kenny Loggins section of “I’m Alright” and “Make The Move.” Goose closed out the second set with “Yeti” into “Jive Lee.” But the band had one more trick up their sleeve and returned for the encore on different instruments for a “Rotation Jam” that saw Rick on drums, Jeff on keys, bassist Trevor Weekz on guitar, drummer Ben Atkind on percussion and Anspach on bass.

Watch “Drive” > “Take A Lap” > “Coach On Rainstick” below:

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Setlist via Goose Faecbook

Set 1: Free Space Jam > Jive II, Into the Myst, Drive > Take a Lap {1} > Coach on Rainstick > Mystery Song 1 {2} > +15 minute Jam

Set 2: Echo of a Rose, Green River {3} A Fifth of Beethoven {4}, Time to Flee > 40 Squats > Indian River > I’m Alright {5} > Make the Move{5}, Yeti > Jive Lee {6}

E: Rotation Jam {7}

Coach’s Notes:

  • {1} Each band member & coach took a lap around the barn
  • {2} Travelers (FTP – First Time Played)
  • {3} Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • {4} Walter Murphy
  • {5}Kenny Loggins
  • {6} JonL on Rain Stick
  • {7} FTP, Everyone switched instruments. Handini on bass, Rick on drum kit, Spuds on percussion, Tweekz on guitar, Jeff on Keys
  • Jeff on percussion and kit for the first time with Göose.

Goose’s Bingo Tour continues tonight.

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