Golden Gate Wingmen Cover Barr Brothers Song At Terrapin Crossroads


Supergroup Golden Gate Wingmen took flight at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, California on Wednesday night. The band featuring guitarist John Kadlecik, keyboardist Jeff Chimenti, drummer Jay Lane and bassist Reed Mathis fit a The Barr Brothers cover into last night’s second set.

GGW kicked off the show with a jam they worked into Van Morrison’s “Cleaning Windows.” Next up was Kadlecik’s “What’s Become Of Mary,” a take on “Everything Is Broken” by Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead rarity “Believe It Or Not.” The quartet kept the focus on the Dead with “The Music Never Stopped” and “Touch Of Grey” broken up by Peter Rowan & Tony Rice’s “Tin Roof Shack.” Last night’s second set continued in the same fashion with the pairing of “China Cat Sunflower” and “Mexicali Blues.” Crosby & Nash’s “Page 43” was then followed by a well-jammed version of “Walking In Your Footsteps” by The Police.


Wednesday’s second set resumed with Dead classics “Ramble On Rose” and “Eyes Of The World.” Kadlecik then went acoustic for a Mathis-sung cover of The Barr Brothers’ “Please Let Me Let It Go.” The Barr Brothers released the song on their 2014 studio album, Sleeping Operator. Golden Gate Wingmen ended the frame with the “I Know You Rider” that was left hanging by the “China Cat” opener. For the encore, the band said farewell with “U.S. Blues.” The Wingmen return to Terrapin tonight.

Stream a soundboard recording taped by Fred Nicolois below:



Golden Gate Wingmen at Grate Room, Terrapin Crossroads

Set 1
  • Cleaning Windows  
  • What's Become of Mary
  • Everything is Broken
  • Believe It or Not  
  • The Music Never Stopped
  • Tin Roof Shack  
  • Touch of Grey  
Set 2
  • China Cat Sunflower  
  • Mexicali Blues  
  • Page 43  
  • Walking in Your Footsteps  
  • Ramble On Rose  
  • Eyes of the World  
  • Please Let Me Let It Go  
  • I Know You Rider  
  • U.S. Blues
  • Grateful Dead

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