Garrett Morris Shares Pink Floyd ‘Echoes Part II’ ‘Drum Cam’ Cover


Garrett Morris shared “Part II” of his drum cam cover video for Pink Floyd’s “Echoes.” The spooky visual arrives just in time for Halloween, features Porno For Pyros guitarist Peter Distefano and more.

“Echoes Part II” also sees the return of horn players Josh Schwartz of Turkuaz and A.J. Hill of Spam Allstars as well as audiovisual tech Peter Anspach of Goose, who all contributed to the “Echoes Part I” visual. Morris detailed “Echoes Part II” in a statement. Read his words below:

“Echoes Part II” was a blast to make, the structure is much different than “Part I.” The first three-and-a-half minutes is just soundscapes. Since we are releasing “Part II” on Halloween we decided to make the intro Spooktacular! Kind of a barrage of images flying at you. I also messed with the audio, panning the instruments all over the place and adding reverbs to trip things out a bit. The weirdness settles into a calm ride cymbal groove that brings everyone back home. The last verses play out and it goes into this psychedelic jazzy outro.”

Leading that jazziness is the brass of Hill and Schwartz, with Hill adding tenor and alto sax along with Schwartz’s baritone. The saxophonists picked right back up on the instant chemistry they established on “Echoes Part I.”

“My favorite part was having another chance to hear what A.J. laid down and play off that,” Schwartz said. “I’d never heard him play before working on ‘Part I’ and was really impressed with his creativity. Going into ‘Part II,’ I had that excitement knowing what he was capable of and knowing I had to step up and build off of what he came up with.”

Hill was excited to see what his collaborators laid down as well. “My favorite experience working on ‘Echoes II’ was imagining how it would all come together,” Hill said, “how all the other musician’s contributions would play out.”

Those contributions played out with Porno For Pyros guitarist Peter DiStefano laying down a complimentary guitar part to Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s.

“Peter DiStefano had a really creative way to play alongside Gilmour’s part,” Morris said. “I love the energy he brought! His tone and creative interplay really shine throughout the track.”

“This project had great talent and it was an honor to be part of it,” DiStefano added, with Morris echoing that sentiment “Thanks To A.J., Josh and Peter. These guys made this project super interesting and fun!”

Watch Garrett Morris’ “Echoes Part II” video below:

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