Galactic Purchases Famed New Orleans Club Tipitina’s

By Jeffrey Greenblatt Dec 1, 2018 7:43 am PST

As reported, Galactic was rumored to be working on purchasing the historic New Orleans club Tipitina’s from its current owner Roland Von Kurnatowski. Yesterday, according to local CBS affiliate WWLTV the band officially became the legendary venue’s new owners.

“Today, Galactic successfully acquired Tipitina’s Development Corp.,” Galactic’s lawyer Dino Gankendorf told WWLTV. “The band is honored to be the caretaker of the future of the great music from New Orleans.” The funk band inherits Tips from Von Kurnatowski, who is currently facing multiple lawsuits alleging he owes investors over $3 million. Galactic will ring in the new year at their newly purchased venue with a celebratory concert on December 31.

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