Futurebirds & Carl Broemel Drop ‘Sinz & Frenz’ Single

Stream the latest preview of the upcoming collaborative EP, 'Bloomin' Too.'

By Scott Bernstein Aug 17, 2022 10:29 am PDT

Futurebirds and My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel unveiled the single “Sinz & Frenz.” The song is featured on the Athens, Georgia-based band’s forthcoming collaborative new EP with Broemel, Bloomin' Too.

The seven-track Bloomin’ Too arrives via No Coincidence Records on September 9. Carl Broemel and Futurebirds previously joined forces for the 2020 EP, Bloomin’. Broemel produced both Bloomin’ and Bloomin’ Too.

Futurebirds — consisting of vocalist/guitarist Carter King, pedal steel guitarist Kiffy Myers, drummer Tom Myers, bassist Brannen Miles, keyboardist Spencer Thomas, vocalist/guitarist Daniel Womack and vocalist/guitarist Thomas Johnson — assembled with Broemel to record the EP at Nashville’s famed Ronnie’s Place facility. “Carl is really in tune with what the band is and what it strives to be,” King explained. “He’s engaged and understands our vision … And it’s great to be able to defer to someone you respect so much with creative decisions in the studio.”

“Sinz & Frenz,” which follows lead single “Buffet Days,” was initially penned by Womack before the pandemic in aims of having the song open a solo record he was creating. “The chaos of the quarantine complicated its completion so I had to shelve it, indefinitely,” Womack stated. “When the Bloomin’ project began to blossom and talks of recording Bloomin’ Too began, I knew it was its time to shine.”

Daniel Womack described “Sinz & Frenz” as “a straightforward rock ‘n’ roll song about honesty, friendship, and makin’ lemonade outta bong water and I couldn’t be more stoked with how it turned out.” Listen to “Sinz & Frenz” below:

Futurebirds are currently on the road. The group’s tour includes two nights supporting Caamp at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado on October 3 and 4. See Futurebirds’ tour schedule:

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