Full Show Video: Ween Valentine’s Day Colorado Finale In Broomfield

On Sunday night Ween concluded a three-night stand at the 1st Bank Center that marked the group’s first performances since December 31, 2011. As reported the show was heavy on material from the band’s first album and also included a debut, an acoustic segment and plenty of fan favorites. Full show video of the Valentine’s Day performance has surfaced.

Earlier this week guitarist Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo took to a Ween fan page on Facebook to announce he would soon be sharing video footage the band recorded from front of house that would be paired with a soundboard recording. While we wait, videographer madpicken has uploaded the footage he captured of the Valentine’s Day finale in Broomfield. The 146-minute video below contains crispy taper audio. Highlights include Deaner and drummer Claude Coleman Jr. swapping spots on “Fat Lenny,” a tear-jerking “Birthday Boy,” the live debut of “Israel” and fan favorite “The Stallion, Part 1.”

Take a look at full show video of Ween’s Colorado finale:

  • 00:00 Exactly Where Im At
  • 04:09 Mutilated Lips
  • 09:22 She Wanted to Leave
  • 12:48 Final Alarm
  • 17:20 Did You See Me?
  • 24:02 The Stallion, Part 1
  • 28:09 Freedom of ’76
  • 32:24 Mononucleosis
  • 37:36 Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
  • 41:43 Up on the Hill
  • 45:03 Learnin’ to Love
  • 51:20 I Can’t Put My Finger on It
  • 55:57 Birthday Boy*
  • 59:48 Chocolate Town*
  • 1:04:02 Drifter in the Dark*
  • 1:09:13 The Mollusk*
  • 1:14:07 Flutes of the Chi*
  • 1:18:16 The HIV Song*
  • 1:20:51 Squelch the Weasel
  • 1:24:58 Touch My Tooter
  • 1:28:12 Papa Zit
  • 1:31:11 Israel^
  • 1:37:03 Piss Up a Rope
  • 1:41:20 Stay Forever
  • 1:46:17 She’s Your Baby
  • 1:49:57 Never Squeal on th’ Pusher
  • 2:01:20 Tender Situation
  • 2:07:44 Pumpin’ 4 the Man
  • 2:10:22 Common Bitch
  • 2:12:17 Fat Lenny
  • 2:19:59 The Blarney Stone

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