Full Show Audio: Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams Join Bob Weir & Phil Lesh Again In Boston


Guitarist Bob Weir and bassist Phil Lesh continued their first-ever duo tour on Thursday night with their second straight show at the Wang Theatre in Boston. Percussionist Wally Ingram once again joined the co-founding Grateful Dead members during portions of the first set and all of the second set, the latter of which also again featured special guests Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams.

Bobby and Phil took the stage along with Ingram and opened the show with “Uncle John’s Band” featuring Weir on acoustic guitar and Lesh on electric bass (which he played the entire show). Ingram remained onstage for as Weir next delivered a passionate “Black Throated Wind” that elicited a nod and fist pump in approval following its dramatic conclusion. Ingram exited as Weir announced “this one goes way the hell back” before launching into the classic psychedelic blues number “Cosmic Charlie.” Lesh was in charge of singing lead on the prevailing “Lazy River Road,” that saw Ingram return and Weir playing slide.


Weir stayed on slide as the trio moved into “New Minglewood Blues.” Back to a duo, Weir and Lesh then offered the tour’s first take on “Girl From The North Country,” trading off singing the verses of the Bob Dylan classic. Wally was back to augment Phil’s American Beauty favorite “Box Of Rain,” which was tapped to close out set one. Bobby again instructed those in attendance to check out HeadCount and register to vote at set break.

Just like Wednesday’s show, Thursday’s show saw Bobby and Phil welcome multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell and vocalist Teresa Williams as special guests. With Ingram also on board for the duration of the set, Campbell broke out mandolin as they opened with the primal Dead tune “Alligator.” Campbell broke out his fiddle for an expansive take on “Cassidy,” layered with a strong improvised sequence. Bobby and Larry both strapped on electric Fenders before the start of “Jack Straw” that saw Lesh handling the vocal parts originally supplied by Jerry Garcia.

Phil’s lead vocals admirably guided a drawn-out “Mountains Of The Moon” featuring Campbell on an acoustic cittern. The extremely rare Grateful Dead original “Rosemary” was sung by Phil within the “Mountains Of The Moon” performance. Larry and Bobby were back on acoustics for a rollicking “Cumberland Blues” Campbell’s fiddle was back out for a jammed-out “Viola Lee Blues” packed with conversational interplay between the three pickers and Ingram. A powerful two-part conclusion to the set came from an electrified “The Wheel” and stirring “Morning Dew” sung by Weir and punctuated by Campbell’s emotive acoustic picking.

Following Phil’s regular organ donor advocacy, the encore featured Bobby on electric, Larry on his cittern and Ingram coming together for a show-closing cover of Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue.” The Bobby & Phil tour continues tomorrow night at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago. A webcast is available via nugs.tv, view the first and second set openers from last night’s webcast below:

[Uncle John’s Band]



Full Show Audio (Taped by Z-Man via JamBuzz)


Bob Weir and Phil Lesh at Wang Theatre

Set 1
  • Uncle John's Band  
  • Black-Throated Wind  
  • Cosmic Charlie  
  • Lazy River Road  
  • Minglewood Blues  
  • Girl From the North Country  
  • Box of Rain  
Set 2 (with Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams and Wally Ingram)
  • Alligator  
  • Cassidy  
  • Jack Straw  
  • Mountains of the Moon  
  • Rosemary  
  • Cumberland Blues  
  • Viola Lee Blues  
  • The Wheel  
  • Morning Dew  
  • It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  • Bob Dylan

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