Full Set Video: Tea Leaf Green Welcomes Pete Wall At Trevor-Less Show


California’s Tea Leaf Green played the Denver Deluxe Street Festival in Colorado this past Saturday. TLG’s set was a highly unusual one as founding keyboardist/vocalist Trevor Garrod was sidelined, so the band recruited multi-instrumentalist Pete Wall to sit-in througout their set. Nearly complete full set of the group’s Denver Deluxe performance featuring a soundboard soundtrack gives us a look at what went down.

Garrod had a mishap with electrical equipment before the show that required him to rest when the band headed out to Denver. Vocalist/guitarist Josh Clark took full lead duties as the show went on without the Hooch/Cash/Tennille to Clark’s Turner/Tango/Captain. While TLG opened with “Make A Connection,” the video picks up in the middle of the “Warmup” that followed. “Criminal Intent” and “Space Hero (Part 2)” came next with each featuring impressive contributions from Wall on saxophone.

“Hipster Ninja” also benefitted from Wall’s sax as well as the groovy bass line laid down by Eric DiBerardino. Eric also threw in a few local references. From there, Pete Wall showed off his flute skills on “Sleep Paralysis,” while “Bouncing Betty” saw Wall utilize soprano sax. Clark shined on the “Stick To The Shallows” that followed. Tea Leaf Green brought the unusual set to a close with “Asphalt Funk” and encored with “Truck Stop Sally.” Trevor Garrod is expected to make a full recovery.

Watch footage from TLG’s recent set in Denver captured by evenstev:


Set: Make A Connection (Not Included In Video) > Warmup > Criminal Intent > Space Hero II, Hipster Ninja > Sleep Paralysis, Bouncing Betty, Stick To The Shallows, Hot Dog

Encore: Truck Stop Sally