Fruition Announces New Album ‘Wild As The Night’ & Shares Single


Fruition will issue a new album entitled Wild As The Night on November 8. The Portland, Oregon-based band previewed the seven-track LP by sharing a video for the album’s title track, “Wild As The Night.”

The quintet – which consists of Jay Cobb Anderson, Kellen Asebroek, Jeff Leonard, Mimi Naja and Tyler Thompson – recorded Wild As The Night at Denver’s Silo Sound Studio during a rare break from their touring schedule. “We were exhausted, but musically firing on all cylinders,” said Thompson, who along with his band mates produced Wild As The Night. “It’s extremely diverse Americana, with a focus on great songwriting and harmonies. We weren’t going for a particular sound, just something that’s honest to our live sound along with a few tricks we learned from our last producer, Tucker Martine.”

“Something that has always tied our variable styles together is the honesty in the songwriting, the attention paid toward what is genuinely and deeply catchy, not superficially so,” added Asebroek. “Vocal harmonies have also always been a unifying tool for our band. The Fruition sound has always been about being more than the sum of our parts.”

Watch Fruition’s “Wild As The Night” video below:

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