Fruit Bats Share Live Album ‘Found A Round Stone: Live In Portland’


Fruit Bats, the project masterminded by Eric D. Johnson, released a surprise live album exclusively via Bandcamp, which today waves its fees in an effort to support artists during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Proceeds from Found A Round Stone: Live In Portland will go towards Black Futures Lab.

Found A Round Stone: Live In Portland was recorded at Portland, Oregon’s Revolution Hall on January 19, 2019 just over five months before the release of Fruit Bats’ Gold Past Life studio album. The 24-track LP contains highlights from the seven-piece’s two-plus hour “Evening With Fruit Bats” performance including the live debut of “The Banishment Song,” rarities off 2005’s Spelled In Bones and early versions of songs that would make it onto Gold Past Life the following June.


The Fruit Bats lineup for the show featured on Found A Round Stone: Live In Portland saw Eric D. Johnson backed by guitarists Josh Mease and Daniel Hindman, bassist David Dawda, drummer Josh Adams, keyboardist Frank LoCrasto and vocalist/keyboardist Sarah Versprille. Johnson shared the following note about Found A Round Stone:

This recording is cut down from a much larger show, a rare “evening with Fruit Bats”—no opener, two sets—that ran a little over two hours. Which was really long for me. How does Phish pull it off every night?

Revolution Hall is one of my favorite venues. It’s a nice theater with comfy seats, which is plush but also leads to people sitting down. I mean, a seated audience is kinda classy in a lot of ways, but I’m always looking for that extra rush of energy as the songs ramp up. At one point, you can hear me (gently) implore folks to stand up (!!). But as it was a long evening—and it being Portland, the beer selection was dank and flowing—naturally the audience got rowdier (and on their feet) as the night progressed, which you can clearly hear in the later points of this recording.

This was the last night of a short tour of the Pacific Northwest in January 2019, so in it you hear some of the earliest live versions of songs off of Gold Past Life which didn’t come out until a few months later. It also includes the only live version of “The Banishment Song” ever, plus a couple of rarely played cuts off of Spelled in Bones.

The band lineup was really special here, an expanded 7-piece lineup that included my stellar frequent co-conspirators Josh Mease (guitar), David Dawda (bass), Josh Adams (drums), and Frank LoCrasto (keys), plus extra special sauce provided by the members of the great Pure Bathing Culture: Sarah Versprille, taking the harmony vocals to a heavenly level (and playing Mellotron), and Daniel Hindman, giving the whole show a delicious gauzy Fender Strat flavor. I’m really happy that our excellent front-of-house engineer Aly Carlisle-Steinberg thought to hit record that evening.

Stream Fruit Bats’ Found A Round Stone Live In Portland below:


Found a Round Stone: Live in Portland Tracklist

  1. Tony The Tripper
  2. None Of Us
  3. Absolute Loser
  4. The Ruminant Band
  5. When U Love Somebody
  6. Flamingo
  7. Beautiful Morning Light
  8. The Bottom Of It
  9. Not Saying You Have To Stand Up
  10. Cazadera
  11. Lives Of Crime
  12. Born In The ’70s
  13. Dolly
  14. A Lingering Love
  15. So Long
  16. Feather Bed
  17. My Sweet Midwest
  18. My Unusual Friend
  19. From A Soon-To-Be Ghost Town
  20. Humbug Mountain Song
  21. Gold Past Live
  22. The Banishment Song
  23. You’re Too Weird
  24. Canyon Girl

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