Free Downloads | Dangermuffin Shares Entire Back Catalog

By Scott Bernstein Nov 11, 2013 12:15 pm PST

South Carolina jam/Americana act Dangermuffin is currently prepping a new album that’s due in 2014. The band recently launched a new website and on that site they have made all four of their previous studio albums available for free streaming and downloading.

“Music should be free and available to people, plain and simple. If folks decide to spend their time giving us a listen, we want to give them an opportunity to do so. It is our belief that true music transcends the money and the desire for recognition; it’s true purpose is to connect and unite under a common vibration,“ Dangermuffin lead singer and guitarist Dan Lotti told Homegrown Music. The band’s manager, Marty Winsch, adds, “Dangermuffin isn’t a band as much as they are a movement, a culture, a statement about the way the relationship between art and human beings should be. We NEVER looked at making the band’s music being available for “free” as much as we looked at it as a way to give back to the fans for allowing the band access to their most prized possession, their time.”

The four Dangermuffin albums are 2007’s Beermuda, 2008’s Emancee, 2010’s Moonscapes and 2012’s Olly Oxen Free.

[via Homegrown Music]

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