Freaks Balls By The Numbers Ahead Of Freaks Ball XIX Featuring Dave Harrington’s Drums & Space


This Saturday, February 9 The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York will host the 19th annual Freaks Ball. Freaks Ball XIX will be headlined by a new project put together by Dave Harrington entitled Dave Harrington’s Drums > Space featuring Kenny Wolleson, Shahzad Ismaily and more. Smokey Hormel will present Smokey’s Roundup, while Super Yamba will provide a late-night dance party. In addition, Chris Harford will perform acoustic in the front lounge, Macrodose will enhance the music with visuals and a Calexico food truck will be on hand for munchies.

The Freaks Ball is an annual concert put together by members of the NYC-Freaks email list, a group of tastemakers in the New York City area. Freaks Ball XIX will be the first held outside of Brooklyn Bowl since 2010. All proceeds from the concert will benefit the Rodney Speed Scholarship Fund at the Berklee School Of Music. Tickets are sold out. Here’s a look at Freaks Ball By The Numbers:

  • Number of Freaks Balls: Saturday will make it 19 since 2001.
  • Number of Freaks Balls missed by Scott Metzger: Saturday will be only the third FB without Scott and first since 2002.
  • Number of people who have made them all: 1
  • Number of venues that have hosted a FB: 8
  • Number of venues that have hosted a FB that no longer exist: 6
  • Number of FB’s at Brooklyn Bowl: 8
  • Number of Freaks Balls that took place in the same room on multiple nights: 4
  • Number of Freaks Balls that took place in multiple rooms on a single night: 1
  • Number of bands put together just for the Freaks Ball that only played a single show: 7
  • Number of bands put together just for the Freaks Ball that went on to headline Red Rocks and more: 1
  • Amount paid to Robert Randolph to open the first Freaks Ball: $500
  • Ticket price to see El Ten Eleven play Freaks Ball XI: $11
  • Number of Freaks Balls where Rodney Speed played: 1 (this year’s event is raising money for a musical scholarship in Rodney’s honor)
  • Amount raised for cancer research at the last Freaks Action Network event in December: $12,000
  • Amount of reported donations through the Live Music Challenge in 2018: over $35,000.

The Live Music Challenge is a charity intitiative started by the NYC Freaks, but is open to all. It’s a fun and easy way of turning the amazing energy of seeing live music into some positive change in the world. Make every show you see a benefit show for the causes that mean the most to you by donating a small amount for every show you see. Learn more at, check it out on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Past Freaks Balls

FBI: Tribeca Blues – 1/20/2001: Robert Randolph & the Family Band and The Squad

FBII: Butter @ Galapagos and Robert Randolph @ Northsix – 2/9/2002

FBIII: Bowery Ballroom – 1/10/2003: Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Benevento/Russo Duo and Rana

FBIV: Southpaw – 1/10/2004: Benevento/Russo Duo, Nasty Habits and “Freaks Ball superjam”

FBV: Southpaw – 1/15/2005: Benevento/Russo Duo, Rana and Ollabelle

FBVI: Cod – 1/21/2006: Coxygen, Welcome to Metzgerville and Secret Government

FBVII: Southpaw – 1/27/2007: Apollo Sunshine, Chris Harford & Band of Changes and The Dansettes

FBVIII: Southpaw – 2/9/2008: Bustle in Your Hedgerow, American Babies and Mocean Worker

FBIX: Southpaw – 1/10/2009: The New Mastersounds, Rana and The Rodney Speed Experience

FBX: Sullivan Hall – 1/23/2010: Anders Osborne, Metzger/Johnson/Kalb/Hall and The Black Hollies

FBXI: Brooklyn Bowl – 2/4/2011: El Ten Eleven, Some Cat From Japan, Wolf!

FBXII: Brooklyn Bowl – 1/20/2012: Portugal. The Man and Sam Champion / 1/21/2012: Freaks Ball-Stars and DR BAM

FBXIII: Brooklyn Bowl – 1/25/2013: Bustle In Your Hedgerow and American Babies / 1/26/2013: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and Yellowbirds

FBXIV: Brooklyn Bowl – 2/1/2014: The Stirrers, Wolf! and Superhuman Happiness

FBXV: Brooklyn Bowl – 1/23-24/2015: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

FBXVI: Brooklyn Bowl – 3/24-26/2016: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

FBXVII: Brooklyn Bowl – 2/25/17: Benevento Russo Duo and Wolf!

FBXVIII: Brooklyn Bowl – 1/19/2018: Hola! and Circles Around the Sun

And here’s a list of all the bands/musicians who have played:

  • American Babies (x2)
  • Antibalas Horns
  • Apollo Sunshine
  • Jeff Baskher
  • Hagar Ben-Ari
  • Marco Benevento (8x)
  • Benevento Russo Duo (4x)
  • Will Bernard
  • The Black Hollies
  • Eric Bolivar
  • Avi Bortnick
  • Butter
  • Andy Cahn
  • Neal Casal
  • Jay Caver
  • Campbell Brothers
  • Alicia Chakour (x2)
  • Noah Chernin (x2) (Sam Champion)
  • Circles Around the Sun
  • DJ Cochon De Lait
  • Sam Cohen (x2)
  • Calvin Cooke
  • The Dansettes
  • Erik Deutsch
  • Mike Dillon (Ani Difranco, Les Claypool)
  • DJ Logic
  • Adam Dorn
  • Dave Dreiwitz (Ween, Marco Benevento) (7x)
  • El Ten Eleven
  • Neal Evans
  • Full Stealth (visuals)
  • Cochemea Gastelum (4x)
  • Ginger
  • Corey Glover
  • Nigel Hall (x2)
  • Tom Hamilton (x5)
  • Chris Harford
  • Charles Haynes
  • Warren Haynes
  • Amy Helm (Ollabelle, Levon Helm)
  • Andy Hess
  • Hola!
  • Joe Russo’s Almost Dead (x3)
  • Ron Johnson (x3)
  • Kirk Joseph
  • Eric Kalb
  • Kevin Kendrick
  • Jeff f’ing Kilgour
  • Sam Kininger (3x)
  • Eric Krasno (2)
  • Tony Leone
  • Jessica Lurie
  • members of Morning Teleportation
  • Scott Metzger (16x)
  • Bill Ogg (3x)
  • Mocean Worker
  • John Moye
  • The New Mastersounds
  • Ollabelle
  • Anders Osborne
  • Portugal. The Man
  • Rana (3x)
  • Robert Randolph (3x)
  • Eddie Roberts (x2)
  • The Rodney Speed Experience
  • Joe Russo (15x)
  • Adam Sabella
  • Sam Champion
  • Secret Government
  • Skerik
  • The Squad
  • Superhuman Happiness
  • Jake “Rocks Off” Szufnarowski
  • Ryan Thornton (Sam Champion) (5x)
  • Justin Wallace
  • Dean Ween (Ween)
  • Wolf! (3)
  • Yellowbirds