Foo Fighters Dust Off Rush Cover With Help Of Talented Fan In Champaign


Foo Fighters continued a tour in support of Concrete & Gold on Wednesday night in Champaign, Illinois. The band brought up a fan to help out on Foo Fighters’ first cover of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” in over two years as part of their marathon set.

The evening began with a career-spanning 20-song set and ended with a lengthy, five-song encore. Dave Grohl led the group on an aborted cover of “Jump” by Van Halen before asking the crowd if anyone wanted to sing “Tom Sawyer.” Foo Fighters settled on fan Mike Carpenter who then fronted the band on their first full version of the Rush classic since 2015. Carpenter did an admirable job with Grohl noting he did smell of alcohol.

Watch video of “Tom Sawyer” captured by Teri Ramirez:

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