Follow Friday | Justin Vernon

Grammy Award winning musician Justin Vernon goes under the handle @blobtower on Twitter. The main man behind Bon Iver stirred things up earlier this week when he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the increasingly controversial new streaming platform Apple Music. In addition to those tweets, Vernon often tells it straight and speaks his mind 140 characters at time.

[Photo by D.L. Anderson]

Earlier this week Vernon generated notice after Tweeting some thoughts on the new Apple Music streaming service as well as Apple itself, and what he thinks of streaming competitor Spotify. Let’s let his tweets do the talking starting with this retweet:

Besides the dust up over Apple, Vernon also recently took to Twitter to share his feelings (and retweets of others) after the passing of jazz legend Ornette Coleman.

Vernon is also partly behind the upcoming Eau Claires Festival held in his hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin on July 17 and 18. With the debut of the fest about a month away, Vernon’s been tweeting updates and info about the event (perhaps even from @EauClairesWI).

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