Follow Friday | Joel Cummins Of Umphreys McGee

This week’s Follow Friday selection is Umphrey’s McGee keyboardist Joel Cummins — @goldlikejoel. A prolific tweeter, Joel treats his over 11,000 followers to daily details about life both in and out of the jam rock sextet. Joel’s not afraid to fire off a 140-character-or-less missive and the frequent tweeter is likely to respond to any serious or not so serious inquiry. You’ll notice many of the featured tweets are @ replies, as Joel definitely embraces the interactive capabilities of the platform. UM fans and casual observers alike will find something worthwhile in the musings of this musician in their timelines. 

His Twitter account is a go-to source for breaking news about the band, whether it’s upcoming tour dates, ticket sell-out warnings or any number of other announcements. 

Joel’s not shy about inviting other musicians to join the band for a sit-in, and sometimes it comes to fruition

He often interacts with other musicians, including friends from within the scene and fellow UM bandmates.

Cummins also gives insights behind the logistics that go into being a touring rock band, such as scheduling shows and picking setlists, as well as other insider notes regarding the band.

A few years ago Joel and former baseball slugger Jose Canseco (and Canseco’s girlfriend at the time) had a couple of intriguing exchanges via a series of tweets with Cummins attempting to get the Bash Brother to attend one of UM’s Las Vegas gigs.

It’s not just music and UM that Joel tweets about, the avid Chicago Cubs fan and traveler often shares his experiences with both.