Follow Friday | Jason Isbell

One of the basic criteria for being tapped for our Follow Friday series is the use of Twitter to interact with other tweeters. Singer-songwriter Jason Isbell does that with fans and fellow musicians alike with a biting truthfulness that’s hard not to admire. Isbell’s Twitter account —@jasonisbell –is regularly filled not only with engaging tweets, but also cunningly funny observations about the world both musical and otherwise. Followers need to have their sarcasm detectors on and working well and not be averse to reading someone telling it like it is in 140 character bits. Examine below some examples of the sardonic singer-songwriter’s tweeting style.

[Photo by Michael Wilson]

Isbell often interacts on Twitter with other musicians, including many that he’s shared the stage or tour dates with. Other times he shares intimate moments from gigs and other appearances he makes.

He often tweets with or about his wife, fiddle player and vocalist Amanda Shires (@amandashires). Sometimes his posts show how the working musicians navigate their careers together, while other times he simply lets followers in on what’s happening in the couple’s lives.

Fans have a direct line to Isbell via his Twitter handle. Though you have to be ready for him bluntly respond with a matter-of-fact reply that cuts through the bullshit, there’s an equal chance he’ll enlighten you with inside information delivered in a way that will likely elicit a laugh.

Music isn’t the only thing Isbell isn’t afraid to let loose his opinions on. His commentary on the world at large is honest and explicit and he tends not to hold back possibly controversial ideas on what’s right and wrong in the world around him.

However, music is a frequent topic of Isbell’s tweeting, and like his blunt assessment of other aspects of the world, his stance on many music related topics is just as stern and most of the time righteous. But like much of his work on Twitter, there’s a good deal of wry sarcasm and innuendo buried in his 140 character bursts. 

And if you just want to sit back and laugh at an amateur (but still strong) Twitter comedian, Isbell is your guy. He’s flat out funny and just might make you literally LOL.