Fleet Foxes Debut The Strokes Cover With Uwade At Forest Hills Stadium

See the band and their guest play "Under Control" while decked out in tennis gear.

By Scott Bernstein Aug 15, 2022 10:59 am PDT

Fleet Foxes embraced the location of their North American tour-closing concert at New York City’s Forest Hills Stadium on Saturday. Robin Pecknold and company dressed in tennis gear for the extended encore and honored NYC-birthed rock band The Strokes by premiering a cover of “Under Control” with opener Uwade.

The former tennis stadium has become a music venue in recent years with Fleet Foxes choosing the space to end an extensive North American run in support of their latest album, Shore. Pecknold emerged for the encore wearing an outfit straight out of Wimbledon circa 1979 and performed solo versions of “Montezuma” off 2011’s Helplessness Blues and “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” from the project’s self-titled debut studio album. The rest of the band then came out in tennis gear for “The Shrine/An Arugument” before Uwade joined in for the next three songs.

The Nigerian-born singer-songwriter, also dressed for a game of tennis, added harmony vocals on Shore standout “For A Week Or Two.” Fleet Foxes and Uwade then took on “Under Control” from The Strokes’ 2003 LP, Room On Fire. “That was fun, thank you,” Robin exclaimed after the cover debut. Uwade stuck around for Shore’s “Going-to-the-Sun Road” before Fleet Foxes went it alone to end the evening and North American leg of their tour with “Helplessness Blues.”

Watch Fleet Foxes and Uwade’s “Under Control” cover via fan-shot video below:

Fleet Foxes (See 26 videos) and Uwade

Saturday’s seven-song encore followed a career-spanning main set. Fleet Foxes kicked off the frame with Uwade aboard for “Wading In Waist-high Water” off Shore. The 2020 album was also represented in the main set by “Sunblind,” “Can I Believe You,” “Featherweight,” “I’m Not My Season” and “A Long Way Past The Past.”

Pecknold and his bandmates also played such classics as “White Winter Hymnal,” “Blue Ridge Mountains” and “Grown Ocean.” Additionally, Robin went solo for a sequence that included a cover of Judee Sill’s “The Kiss” and treated fans to a full-band version of his Big Red Machine collaboration “Phoenix.” Fleet Foxes now head to the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.

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Fleet Foxes at Forest Hills Stadium

  • Wading in Waist‐high Water
  • Sunblind
  • Can I Believe You
  • Ragged Wood
  • Your Protector
  • He Doesn't Know Why
  • Featherweight
  • Third of May/Ōdaigahara
  • White Winter Hymnal
  • Phoenix  
  • Mearcstapa
  • Mykonos
  • I’m Not My Season  
  • Blue Spotted Tail  
  • If You Need To, Keep Time on Me  
  • The Kiss  
  • A Long Way Past the Past
  • Drops in the River
  • Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Grown Ocean
  • Montezuma  
  • Tiger Mountain Peasant Song  
  • The Shrine/An Argument  
  • For a Week or Two
  • Under Control  
  • Going-to-the-Sun Road
  • Helplessness Blues
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