Flashback | Allman Brothers Band Perform Mountain Jam With Herring

By Scott Bernstein Jun 24, 2014 11:30 am PDT

The year 2000 was an incredibly tumultuous one for JamBase favorites the Allman Brothers Band. The band relieved guitarist Dickey Betts of his duties in May following the group’s annual Beacon Theatre run. Shortly there after what was originally announced as a suspension turned into a clean break. The Allman Brothers had already committed to a summer tour and turned to fellow southern rocker Jimmy Herring to replace Betts for the lengthy jaunt.

From the moment Jimmy Herring took the stage with his new band mates it was clear this wouldn’t be a typical tour. The Allman Brothers Band opened that first show in Virginia Beach, VA on June 16, 2000 with the instrumental “Mountain Jam.” “Mountain Jam” had a strong place in ABB History as a showstopper the band used in most sets during their early ’70s hey day. It gave the immensely talented members of the band each a chance to shine. At some point in the mid ’70s the song was shelved and remained unplayed for over 20 years until Herring’s first gig with the band.

While “Mountain Jam” has been part of the Allman Brothers Band’s repertoire ever since Herring joined the group for that one tour, there’s nothing like the awe-inspiring versions Herring played on nearly every night of that summer tour in the year 2000. For an example of why, check out the videos below to see and hear Jimmy and Derek Trucks’ exquisite solos as well as the rest of the 27-minute “Mountain Jam” from June 24, 2000:


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