First Album: Patterson Hood

Editor’s Note: Today we introduce a brand new column to JamBase. We’re calling it “First Album” and as the name suggests, it’s an opportunity for some of our favorite artists to tell you in their own words about the first album they ever dropped the needle on. Each week we’ll offer up another musician’s “First Album” experience.

First Album: Patterson Hood / Drive-By Truckers

Either Elton John‘s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road or Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon. Got both about the same time in 1973 (I was 8 or so). Both had a profound influence on me at about the same time I began writing songs (8). I still love both albums, although I’ve probably heard Dark Side enough for this lifetime. The artwork and imagery on both album covers also greatly influenced my still lingering feelings about the importance of cool packaging with music. (Wes Freed is my hypnosis.) I probably bought both at Turning Point, our town’s local record shop/head shop. I would get my uncle to take me every week and would talk him into buying me an album. He would always make remarks about the way the store smelt and I would say incense. (I wasn’t very sheltered as a kid, as my Dad was a musician and I kinda already knew what time it was.)

Drive-By Truckers tour dates available here.


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