Filled Spaces: Pink Talking Fish Presents ‘The Wall’ At The Capitol Theatre – Recap, Photos & Video


Words & Images by: Sarah Bourque

Pink Talking Fish – The Wall with Consider The Source
02.10.18 :: The Capitol Theatre :: Port Chester, NY

This past Saturday night, a packed house witnessed the triumphant return of Pink Talking Fish to The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York almost a year to the date since the band’s debut at the iconic venue. Pink Talking Fish, which features Eric Gould on bass, Dave Brunyak on guitar, Zack Burwick on drums and Richard James on keys, have seamlessly, and effortlessly, learned to merge the musical efforts of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish into an unforgettable evening of music. Their The Wall concept show at the Cap was no exception.

Fans were first treated to an incredible opening set from Consider the Source, which blew the lid off the theater, as well as minds of attendees. Hailing from New York City, the trio consisting of John Ferrara on bass, Gabriel Marin on guitar and Jeff Mann on drums, literally had audience members stopping in their tracks. The tones being thrown out during their set held a surprisingly wide range and the melodies did not discriminate. Marin created sounds seldom heard from a guitar. His custom made double-neck blasted out everything from crying strings to organ beats, with hints of the sitar and trumpet blasts thrown in for good measure. Insane bass bombs and slaps constantly flowed all while tightly being glued together by lightning speed drumwork.

CtS created sheer magical wonderment. Their set made one feel as if they were in a movie, possibly trekking off to battle and experiencing all the emotions involved. Hints of the Star Wars theme were heard during their closing jam, which drew cheers from the crowd. Overall, their fast-paced set warmed up the audience in anticipation of the main event.

Pink Talking Fish wasted no time taking to the stage as they flowed right into the full-length performance of Pink Floyd’s iconic double album The Wall. They had fans on their feet and dancing during their mammoth, non-stop three-and-a-half-hour set. A huge video wall hung behind the band that splashed images of brick walls, colorful artistic impressions and, of course, flashbacks to the Talking Heads’ movie Stop Making Sense.

Vocals flip flopped mainly between Brunyak and James for the majority of the set. Richard was decked out in his signature black hat and outfit, along with a red crisscrossed hammer armband famously associated with the album. Burwick looked swimmingly dapper in a short-sleeved dress shirt and red tie for the entire evening while keeping the beat on drums.

The mega-set took breathers away from The Wall, as PTF went off course from the full album at times by throwing in tunes associated with the other two bands that make up their name. Pink Talking Fish honored Phish early on with an airy “Punch You In the Eye” before heading back into Pink Floyd’s politically charged “Another Brick in the Wall,” which brought the special guests of the evening to the stage: Dopapod’s Rob Compa on guitar, Turkuaz’s Sammi Garett and Shira Elias on backing vocals and Nate Wilson of Percy Hill and Ghosts of Jupiter on keys. Compa and Wilson joined the group for the majority of the evening, as Garrett and Elias sang for a large portion of the show, with all special guests taking breaks throughout the set.

Talking Heads’ music made its way into the setlist with an explosive version of the fan-favorite “Burning Down the House,” before PTF cooled things down with “Mother” and eased into an acoustic “Goodbye Blue Sky.” Songs from the Phish live repertoire made more appearances throughout the night with “Wilson” rearing its head, drawing participation from the crowd as they belted out “Willllllson” at just the right times. Phish made further returns with a playful “Big Black Creature From Mars,” a punchy “Golden Age” (a TV On The Radio song Phish covers) and a steaming “Maze” that dripped with fierce energy. Talking Heads tunes sprinkled throughout included “Psycho Killer,” “The Great Curve,” “Slippery People” and a sunsplashed upbeat “What A Day That Was” that took the venue on a spacey jammed out trip through the melody.

Notable Floyd tunes included an emotionally expressive Brunyak making his way around the stage on vocals for “Don’t Leave Me Now” as well as a costume change to bring in “Waiting For The Worms.” This militaristic style composition had Brunyak speaking out of a megaphone while wearing sunglasses and a long trench coat and marching around the stage with a clipboard.

“Nobody Home” featured James on vocals, with Wilson joining in on keys, as the remaining band members left the darkened stage while a spotlight shone on the duo. Brunyak further joined in on acoustic guitar, helping to bring the moving melody to a close.

“Comfortably Numb” was welcomed with loud cheers from the crowd as James took over on vocals once again. Introductions for the entire cast of musicians were made before jumping into an appropriate “The Show Must Go On.” “Run Like Hell” showcased the talented vocals of Garett and Elias, as they handled all of the lyrics for this tune, creating a spicy flair to the song. “The Trial” featured Brunyak throwing in his voice as Garett and Elias took over a large portion of the vocals before James took the song to an intense finish.

The marathon set ended with James pulling out the melodica as the full cast gathered around to sing “Outside The Wall,” while Brunyak and Compa played the acoustic guitar. Pink Talking Fish encored with an upbeat version of The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup,” a staple of the Phish repertoire.

Originally released in 1979 by Pink Floyd, “The Wall” was laden with theatrical effects during live performances. Pink Talking Fish’s elaborate visual production with both the backdropped video wall, along with the walls and ceilings splayed with images, seamlessly captured the original concept of Pink Floyd’s vision for their concept album. Gould, Brunyak, James and Burwick continue to impress each time out and their second visit to The Cap showed that they continue to provide audiences with finely tuned productions to keep fans coming back for more. This nonstop marathon set could easily have been one of the longest sets the Capitol has seen in a very long time. It was an historic night for the band and one many fans will not soon forget.


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Pro-Shot Video

[In The Flesh]


Set: In The Flesh?, The Thin Ice > Punch You In The Eye > Another Brick In The Wall Part 1*%^ > Happiest Days Of Our Lives*%^ > Another Brick In The Wall Part 2*%^ > Burning Down The House*%^, Mother*%^, Goodbye Blue Sky^^ Wilson > Empty Spaces^ > Young Lust^ > Wilson^ > One Of My Turns^ > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars > Psycho Killer > Don’t Leave Me Now%, Another Brick In The Wall Part 3% > Golden Age% > Goodbye Cruel World, Hey You*%^, The Great Curve*%^ >, Is There Anybody Out There?*%^&, Nobody Home^, Vera^ > Maze, Bring The Boys Back Home*%^, Comfortably Numb*%^, Slippery People*%^, The Show Must Go On*%^, In The Flesh*%^ > Run Like Hell*^, What A Day That Was*^, Waiting For The Worms*%^!, Stop, The Trial*%^, Outside The Wall*%^$

Encore: Loving Cup*%

  • * w/ Sammi Garett and Shira Elias on vocals
  • % w/ Rob Compa on guitar
  • ^ w/ Nate Wilson on keys
  • ^^ w/ Rob & Dave on acoustic guitar; Sammi, Shira & Nate on vocals
  • & w/ Dave Brunyak on acoustic guitar
  • ! w/ Dave Brunyak on megaphone
  • $ w/ Full Ensemble in a semi-circle at the front of the stage playing and singing acoustically