Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead 50 Grosses Over $50 Million

There was no doubt this summer’s Fare Thee Well -Celebrating 50 Years Of Grateful Dead concerts in Santa Clara, California and Chicago would be successful, but just how successful the events were is fairly mind-blowing. Billboard reports ticket sales alone grossed $52.2 million, while the broadcasts of the concerts are officially the largest syndication of a live music event in history.

Billboard details that the June 27 -28 concerts at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara brought in $21.5 million based on attendance of 151,650. The three nights in Chicago based on record attendance of 210,283 grossed $30.7 million. Billboard goes on to report more than 400,000 cable/satellite subscriptions and online streams were sold and the event is still on sale to satellite & cable subscribers through Aug. 2.

Head to Billboard for more on the crazy numbers pulled in for the five shows. Fare Thee Well featured Grateful Dead members Bill Kreutzmann, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Phil Lesh joined by Trey Anastasio, Bruce Hornsby and Jeff Chimenti. On-demand official streams of all five shows are still available for purchase here.