[UPDATED] Fan Creates Inspiring Video Based Around Phish’s ‘Rise/Come Together’



  • Dec 7, 2017 • 6:50 pm PST

    You may have noticed the large watermarks appearing on some of the footage. Kelly has started a GoFundMe in hopes of raising funds to fully license the stock footage used in the video.

While Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio has kept his politics to himself for the most part, one of the more recent themes in his music is that everything will be okay despite a sometimes frightening world if we stick together. 2016’s “More” discusses just such topics as does this year’s “Everything’s Right” and “Rise/Come Together.” Filmmaker Kelly D. Morris put together an equally inspiring visual for “More” in 2016 and more than 100K have viewed the video on YouTube. Today, Morris has unveiled a powerful, unofficial video for “Rise/Come Together.”

“Rise/Come Together” has lyrics it seems that are meant to be taken literally. Kelly came up with just the right visual to accompany each line Trey sings. Anastasio debuted “Rise/Come Together” with the Trey Anastasio Band on April 20 in Charlotte, before Phish premiered their rendition on July 19, 2017 in Pittsburgh. Morris used the soundtrack of Phish performing the song at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Denver on September 3. The images feature human beings from around the world in all settings helping each other and coming together.

Watch Kelly D. Morris’s touching “Rise/Come Together” video: