Fallon, The Roots & Meghan Trainor Are All About That Bass

One of the many recurring segments we love from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon are when Jimmy teams with The Roots and a pop star to perform a big hit or well-known song using classroom instruments. Past installments have included takes on “Blurred Lines,” “Let It Go” and our personal favorite -” Sesame Street.” The latest installment features Fallon, The Roots and Meghan Trainor performing her big hit “All About That Bass” using toy instruments you’d find in a classroom.

For those unfamiliar, Trainor is a 20-year-old Massachusetts native who’s scored a massive hit in recent months with the catchy “All About That Bass.” There has been a bit of controversy about the song as the writer of a K-pop tune from 2006 has accused Trainor of plagiarizing “All About That Bass,” while others have noted its similarity to Phish’s “Contact.” With that in mind, check out the version of “All About That Bass” performed by Trainor, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon using kazoos, bongos, a Casio keyboard, xylophone, hand clappers and more: