Exclusive | Todd Stoops On Parting Ways With Kung Fu

:: Exclusive -Todd Stoops Talks to JamBase About Parting Ways With Kung Fu ::

Yesterday news broke of the dismissal of founding keyboardist Todd Stoops from the band Kung Fu and subsequent replacement by Beau Sasser. In an exclusive interview JamBase published Friday, Kung Fu guitarist Tim Palmieri further elaborated on the band’s decision to part ways with Stoops, who at that time declined to comment. Now Stoops has come forward to discuss the circumstances surrounding his departure in a brief digital chat with our Chad Berndtson.

[Photo by Jeremy Williams]

JAMBASE: Did you have any inkling this would be happening?

TODD STOOPS: Definitely not in this manner.

JAMBASE: What shocks you about this? The way it was handled?

TS: The shock came from playing a couple of great sets with the guys, high fives, smiles, laughs etc. –getting on a plane back to the Northeast — and getting an email stating the band’s intent. There were no phone calls made directly to me.

JAMBASE: Why do you think the members of Kung Fu chose to do this? Was there a particular disagreement you would point to?

TS: I’m not pointing to one issue. There were issues on both sides, and with our manager, but in my opinion nothing was irreparable. I’m not sure everyone else was or is on the same page.

JAMBASE: Would you like to say anything else about your time in Kung Fu?

TS: It was amazing. The most fun a guy could have. Camaraderie, comedy, rock ‘n roll. The best of times.

JAMBASE: What’s next for you?

TS: I’m going to Disney World 😉