Exclusive Premiere: Circles Around The Sun Share ‘One For Chuck’ Featuring Chuck D.


Psychedelic instrumental quartet Circles Around the Sun will issue their sophomore studio record Let It Wander via Rhino Records on August 17. JamBase is pleased to premiere the track “One For Chuck” off the double album featuring a cameo from legendary Public Enemy frontman Chuck D.

Guitarist Neal Casal first put together Circles Around The Sun to record instrumentals that were played during intermissions of 2015’s Fare Thee Well – Celebrating 50 Years Of Grateful Dead concerts. While that was supposed to be the end of the project, the band took on a life on its own thanks to the positive reaction both to the resulting album Interludes For The Dead and a handful of live shows the quartet played. Casal, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, bassist Dan Horne and drummer Mark Levy had a strong chemistry and entered Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura earlier this year with a freedom to forge a sound all their own.

Let It Wander features seven new instrumentals recorded over a two week period. A chance meeting with Chuck D. led to “One For Chuck,” which shows off the four-piece’s musical evolution. “One night in the studio while making our record, I was standing outside taking a break and I saw a black car pull up, and out stepped the great Chuck D. He was there to speak to the studio owner about something and ended up hearing our music while he was hanging out,” Casal explains. “He told us ‘You guys are real musicians man, that can’t be replaced.’ We asked him if he’d do an intro for a song, he graciously obliged, and we decided to name the song after him.”

Stream “One For Chuck” from Circles Around The Sun’s Let It Wander below:

Let It Wander Tracklist

  1. On My Mind
  2. One For Chuck
  3. Immovable Object
  4. Halicarnassus
  5. Tacoma Narrows
  6. Electric Chair (Don’t Sit There)
  7. Ticket To Helix NGC 7293

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