ekoostik hookah Founding Member John Mullins Passes


Venerable Ohio jam act ekoostik hookah announced founding member and vocalist John Mullins has died. Mullins passed away unexpectedly on Monday. John Mullins and keyboardist Dave Katz met at a little bar in Columbus, Ohio in 1991 and went on to form ekoostik hookah with guitarist Steve Sweney, drummer Steve Frye and bassist Cliff Starbuck.

ekoostik hookah toured extensively with Mullins in the fold throughout the early ’90s. Mullins parted ways with the group in August 1996 to embark on a solo career and returned to the band in 2005 to replace Ed McGee. John Mullins left ekoostik hookah permanently in March of 2010.

Dave Katz of ekoostik hookah, who shared a birthday with Mullins, said of his friend:

“I will forever be grateful that we met, and for the ‘magic’ that we were able to create together. I know that, had we not met, I would not be where I am today, or the person i am today. You and I only co-wrote one song, ‘Under Full Sail.’ And, the first few lines of that song are what come to mind at this moment. ‘It all comes together. Sometimes fades, but never dies. Through different shades, from low to high.’ Poignant, to say the least. John, on this coming birthday, and every other one I am fortunate enough to celebrate, I will think of you, and what we accomplished together. You have certainly left your mark, and will be remembered by so many. Rest easy John Mullins.”

Our thoughts are with John’s friends and family and the ekoostik hookah community.