Dweezil Zappa Unveils Cover Of ‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’ By David Bowie

Guitarist Dweezil Zappa booked a day at the historic Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles on his birthday, September 5, 2017. Dweezil decided to have some fun and do something creative, so he chose to record a cover of David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid Of Americans.” Today, Dweezil Zappa has unveiled the final product.

The guitarist aimed to plug in as many toys as he could and try a bunch of different things including using equipment of his he had never used before. Dweezil recruited David Brighton, who fronts his own Bowie tribute act, to sing “I’m Afraid Of Americans.” The guitarist had Brighton’s vocals fed through a vintage mic to produce an old-school sound. Zappa decided to record using as much analog gear as possible.

Dweezil Zappa produced and mixed the track and also plays guitar on “I’m Afraid Of Americans.” Brighton handled lead and harmony vocals, Cian Coey added backing vocals, Kurt Morgan handled bass duties and Ryan Brown played drums and percussion. Downloads of “I’m Afraid Of Americans” can be purchased here.


Stream Dweezil Zappa’s “I’m Afraid Of Americans”:


Watch a video documenting the making of the track:

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