Dweezil Zappa & Steve Vai Share ‘The Guitar Lessons’ Video


One of the perks of having Frank Zappa as your father is getting to learn to play the guitar from a true master of the instrument. While Frank was a truly talented axeman, when his son Dweezil Zappa was 12-years-old, the elder Zappa enlisted the instructional assistance his band’s guitarist, the highly skilled Steve Vai.

“I remember Frank saying, ‘Can you show Dweezil a couple of things?’,” Vai says in a newly shared video posted by Dweezil. Set in Vai’s kitchen, the video features him and Dweezil examining the notebook of guitar lessons Vai prepared back in 1982.

“This is what taught me how to get all of the fundamentals going in guitar playing,” Dweezil states. “And then it got deep.”

The pair of guitarists go deep into the instructions included in the notebook, such as the chords for “Stairway To Heaven,” diagrams of scales, lists of practice techniques and more. Watch the video below:

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