DSO At 20: Dark Star Orchestra Celebrates 20th Anniversary In Albany – Photos & Setlist


Images by: Suzy Perler and Dave DeCrescente

Dark Star Orchestra :: 11.11.17
The Palace Theatre :: Albany, NY

Rather than re-create a previously performed Grateful Dead concert, Dark Star Orchestra celebrated the 20th anniversary of their first concert by presenting an elective setlist showcasing their mastery of the various eras of the legendary band’s extensive catalog. Fitting for the celebratory evening, DSO paired “The Music Never Stopped” with “Touch Of Grey” to open Saturday’s first set. Other favorites such as “Box Of Rain,” “Terrapin Station” and “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider” helped fill out the first half. DSO placed “Reuben & Cerise” within the second set opening “Scarlet Begonias” that was followed by “Fire On The Mountain.” A take on “Eyes Of The World” paved the way for “Drums”/”Space” and the band went for sequence of early-era tunes, “Morning Dew” > “St. Stephen” > “The Eleven” > “Turn On Your Lovelight,” to close out the set. Saturday’s encore was an always fitting “One More Saturday Night” as the group put a cap on a celebration of two decades of honoring the Grateful Dead. Photographer Suzy Perler captured the action at The Palace, view her gallery below:

DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-1
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-10
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-11
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-12
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-13
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-14
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-15
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-16
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-17
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-18
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-19
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-2
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-3
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-4
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-5
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-6
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-7
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-8
DSO Albany 11 11 17 Jambase-9

Photographer Dave DeCrescente also shared photos from the historic night:

DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-23
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-22
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-21
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-20
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-19
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-18
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-17
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-16
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-15
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-14
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-13
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-12
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-11
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-10
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-9
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-8
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-7
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-6
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-5
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-4
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-3
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-2
DaveDeCrescente DSO111117-1

Setlist (via StarBase)

Set One: The Music Never Stopped > Touch Of Grey, Box Of Rain, So Many Roads, Cassidy, Terrapin Station > Weather Report Suite > Let It Grow, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider

Set Two: Scarlet Begonias > Reuben & Cerise > Scarlet Begonias (jam) > Fire On The Mountain, Eyes Of The World > Drums > Space > Morning Dew > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Turn On Your Lovelight

Encore: One More Saturday Night