Parody Paradise: Dopapod Presents ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Halloween Concert In Denver

Stream audio and watch a clip from Saturday's Al-loween performance.

By Scott Bernstein Nov 2, 2022 10:13 am PDT

Dopapod honored satirist “Weird Al” Yankovic for their Halloween concert on Saturday at Denver’s Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. The show was the second of two “Oogie Boogie” concerts staged at the venue with TAUK and other acts.

The quartet — consisting of guitarist Rob Compa, keyboardist Eli Winderman, drummer Neal “Fro” Evans and bassist Chuck Jones — paired two Yankovic originals to get their set underway on Saturday. The theme song from “Weird Al’s” 1997 Saturday morning children’s television show led into the discofied “Gotta Boogie” off Yankovic’s self-titled 1983 debut album. “Trickery” was then the evening’s first original performed by Dopapod.

Saturday’s set moved on with “Eat It,” Yankovic’s parody of Michael Jackson’s 1983 smash “Beat It.” A lengthy “French Bowling” came next before the four-piece took on “My Bologna” and worked teases of the “My Sharona” parody into their own “Onion Head.” Dopapod went on to cover Yankovic’s “Bob” and “Gump.” The former is a tribute to Bob Dylan consisting entirely of palindromes, a trend Dopapod employed for their band name and album titles, while the latter parodies “Lump” by Presidents Of The United States Of America.

Dopapod original staple “Trapper Keeper” followed before the band recruited TAUK keyboardist Alric “A.C” Carter for “Gangsta’s Paradise” spoof “Amish Paradise.” Eli Winderman, dressed in Amish gear, took center stage to sing the song from Yankovic’s 1996 LP, Bad Hair Day. Finally, Dopapod went sans guests to conclude the set with “Weird Al” original “Albuquerque.” The band returned for a “Plaese Haalp” encore.

Purchase or stream select tracks from an official recording of the Weird Al tribute below:

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Setlist (via Dopapod Facebook)

Set: Weird Al theme^ > Gotta Boogie^, Trickery, Eat It%, French Bowling, My Bologna#, Onion Head*, Bob^, Gump+, Trapper Keeper, Amish Paradise=, Albuquerque!^

Encore: Plaese Haalp

  • ^ – Weird Al Yankovic cover
  • % – Weird Al parody of Beat it by Michael Jackson
  • # – Weird Al parody of My Sharona by the Knack
  • * – contained teases of My Bologna
  • + – Weird Al parody of Lump by Presidents of the United States of America
  • = – Weird Al parody of Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio/Stevie Wonder with TAUK’s Alric “A.C.” Carter
  • ! – unfinished
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