Dopapod Welcomes Josh Dion For Pink Floyd Cover In Covington


Dopapod‘s Saturday night concert at the Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky featured a guest appearance from Josh Dion of opening act Paris Monster. Dion led the band through a cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Have A Cigar” during Dopapod’s second set at the Cincinnati area venue.

The quartet opened Saturday’s first set with the pairing of “Cloud World” and “Nerds” before fitting a tease of “Broken Dixie” within “23 Forever.” Dopapod dropped “23 Forever” into “Braindead” and then performed the “disco version” of “Mucho.” The band went on to jam “Dracula’s Monk” into “Freight Train” and ended the set with the conclusion of the “Filled With Dynamite” they started one night earlier in Chicago.

After Dopapod kicked off the second set with “Velcro,” they brought out Dion to provide lead vocals on “Have A Cigar.” The four-piece then left “Indian Grits” unfinished after they segued into “My Elephant vs. Your Elephant.” A run of “Test Of Time” and “French Bowling” brought the frame to a close. Dopapod then encored with a version of “FABA” that included “PLSS” within.

Watch pro-shot video of Saturday’s “Have A Cigar” thanks to MKDevo below:


Set One: Cloud World, Nerds, 23 Forever [1] > Braindead, Mucho [2], Dracula’s Monk [3] -> Freight Train, Filled With Dynamite [4]

Set Two: Velcro, Have A Cigar [5], Indian Grits [6] -> My Elephant vs. Your Elephant, Test Of Time, French Bowling [7]

Encore: FABA -> PLSS -> FABA

  • [1] – “Broken Dixie” tease
  • [2] – Disco version, regular intro fakeout
  • [3] – Picture in Picture tease
  • [4] – Completing the version from 12/06/19
  • [5] – Pink Floyd cover, with Josh Dion of paris_monster on vocals
  • [6] – Unfinished
  • [7] – Freight Train tease