Dopapod Performs For Paste Magazine


On June 3, Dopapod stopped by the Paste Studio in New York City’s Manhattan Center for a 30-minute performance. At the end of May, the band released their comeback album Emit Time. Following last year’s hiatus and a triumphant return show at The Capitol Theatre, the four-piece has shifted gears to supporting their newly released LP.

During the live-streamed set, the group opened with a take on “Present Ghosts,” off their 2014 release Never Odd Or Even. After the eight-and-a-half minute rendition, Eli Winderman spoke about Emit Time‘s songwriting process, noting, “I think on this new album, it was really more of a group effort than it’s ever been in the past. There was one song where Chuck [Jones] wrote the whole thing, which was a first for us. The songwriting roles were really spread around to everyone in the band, and I think it made for a more eclectic kind of album.”

Next, Dopapod worked through two songs off the album. First up was “Numbers Need Humans,” a synth-heavy tune featuring tight, percussive vocals from Winderman and Rob Compa. After speaking on the importance of last year’s break and how it impacted their music, the group shifted into a final, dramatic take on “Superbowl.”

Watch the full performance below, courtesy of Paste Magazine:

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