Watch Dopapod Debut ‘Fannie’ Near Pittsburgh: Pro-Shot Video

The live premiere took place at Mr. Smalls Theatre on January 29.

By Scott Bernstein May 18, 2022 1:01 pm PDT

Dopapod shared pro-shot video featuring their debut live performance of “Fannie.” The 11-minute clip was filmed at Mr. Smalls Theatre near Pittsburgh on January 29.

“Fannie” appears on Dopapod, the quartet’s upcoming studio album. The group recently released the studio version with the self-titled LP due out on May 27.

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“It’s a feel-good song,” guitarist and vocalist Rob Compa said about “Fannie.” Compa added, “It was born while we were on a camping trip in Colorado, and it stuck. The lyrics have a cool ring to them. They lend themselves to being interpreted in a lot of different ways by the listener.”

Dopapod fit “Fannie” with a dreamy and slow groove live as opposed to the more blues-oriented studio cut. Chuck Jones provides a deep and steady bass line akin to The Beatles’ “Come Together,” while keyboardist Eli Winderman mixes digital and analog tones. Compa lets it rip towards the end of the song as Winderman offers propulsive organ blasts.

“This song feels like it’s going to be such a fun jam vehicle, it really allows us to explore all the new sounds we’ve been developing recently,” wrote Dopapod in a note accompanying the video. Watch Dopapod’s premiere live “Fannie” performance below:

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