God Street Wine’s Lo Faber Recreating The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ Album

By Scott Bernstein Aug 5, 2020 11:36 am PDT

The Beatles’ iconic Revolver studio album was released 54 years ago today in the U.K. God Street Wine guitarist Lo Faber has been celebrating the anniversary by unveiling covers of songs from the LP on YouTube under his Doctor Lo moniker.

“I went to Abbey Road in my imagination and recorded every track on the Beatles Revolver,” Faber wrote in an announcement of the project. Doctor Lo performed multiple parts for each song at “Abbey Road” and each video features “clones” of himself.

So far, Doctor Lo has shared videos featuring the first four tracks from Revolver. Faber plays electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and keys on “Taxman,” while Ominous Seapods bassist Tom Pirozzi appears as a special guest on “Eleanor Rigby.” Doctor Lo duets with himself on “I’m Only Sleeping” and shows off his lap steel skills on “Love You To.”

Watch the first four videos below with more to follow here:


Eleanor Rigby

I’m Only Sleeping

Love You Too

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