Dispatch & Nahko & Medicine For The People Release Mashup Video


Current tour mates Dispatch and Nahko and Medicine for the People recently teamed up to create a mashup video. The footage pairs Dispatch’s single “Letter For Lady J” with Nahko and Medicine For The People’s “Manifesto.”

“We’ve been having such a good time on this tour together so we were looking for a song where we could invite Nahko and his entire band out to join in us on stage,” said Dispatch’s Brad Corrigan. “The idea of a live tour bus mashup came about because Nahko’s song ‘Manifesto’ has a chorus that’s in the same key and tempo as ‘Letter To Lady J.’ So we hit record and the rest just rolled.”

The mashup was filmed and edited by Michael Smith and features the two acts performing together on a tour bus. Their tour together continues through September.

“What a joy to share songs with our brothers from Dispatch,” said Nahko. “These two songs fit together perfectly and it was a fun project to create with them. It was funny to squeeze two bands into one bus and play together. This is the kind of thing we will remember in years to come.”

Watch the mashup below:

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