Director’s Cut Of Nirvana Heart Shaped Box Video Surfaces Online

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Nirvana unleashed their final studio album, In Utero, on the masses. To celebrate the anniversary, a 3CD/1DVD box set will be issued on September 24 that contains rarities, demos, rehearsals, b-sides, live performances and more. We’re particularly excited to hear “Forgotten Tune,” a recently unearthed instrumental track Nirvana laid down during the In Utero sessions.

The DVD included in the In Utero box features one of the band’s last performances as well as radio appearances, rehearsals and the director’s cut of the “Heart-Shaped Box” video. Anton Corbijn directed the critically-acclaimed video that won the Best Alternative Video Moon Man at the 1994 MTV Video Awards. We’re glad to see the little girl in the robe receive more screen time in the director’s cut. Speaking of which, Corbijn’s cut has just premiered online. You can watch it at Entertainment Weekly’s website until it’s unlocked for the rest of us. 

Watch the original version of the video:

[via Entertainment Weekly]