Dawes Unveils ‘Stay Down’ (Poolside Session) Video


Back in June, Dawes released their sixth studio album Passwords through the group’s own HUB Records imprint. The band shared their latest “Poolside Session” video, this time tackling the album’s second track “Stay Down.”

Guitarist Taylor Goldsmith, keyboardist Lee Pardini and drummer Griffin Goldsmith jammed on The Beatles “Please Please Me” before performing the breezy, So-Cal folk tune that has heavy lyrics and meaning.

“’Stay Down’” especially, is about an approach to life that I actually don’t align myself with,” aylor Goldsmith told told American Songwriter, “this idea of retreating and this idea of, ‘I’m going to just exist in the shadows. The world will forget about me, and I’ll forget about the world.’ It’s something that’s very attractive and is actually a strangely cathartic song to sing, but I don’t actually believe that is something that would be a healthy attitude for me to take on.”

Watch the “Stay Down (Poolside Session)” video here:

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