Dawes Unveils ‘Poolside Version’ Of ‘Feed The Fire’


Dawes recently released their sixth studio album Passwords through the group’s own HUB Records imprint. Today, the band shared video featuring a “Poolside Version” of the Passwords single “Feed The Fire.”

Guitarist Taylor Goldsmith, keyboardist Lee Pardini and drummer Griffin Goldsmith performed a stripped-down take on the catchy Passwords track in front of a pool. “This song is about telling myself that the next bit of validation/attention I’ve been looking for is all I finally need to feel ‘okay,’ while also being aware that to attain any sort of actual peace/enlightenment then I should be trying to shed myself of that need/egocentric thinking in the first place, and the juxtaposition therein … so that made us think, ‘Then why don’t we perform it in front of a beautiful SWIMMING POOL?!?,” Taylor Goldsmith told American Songwriter about the tune and video.


Watch “Feed The Fire (Poolside Session)”:

Dawes kicks off an extensive headlining tour in St. Paul on September 7.