Dawes Surprises ‘I Washed My Ass With Menthol Soap Again’ Couple On ‘Kimmel’

By Scott Bernstein May 12, 2021 11:26 am PDT

Duston Baker was taking a shower when he reached for the soap and picked up menthol soap instead of the regular kind. He went on to write and sing a song about the uncomfortable experience. Duston’s wife, Riley captured her husband performing “I Washed My Ass With Menthol Soap Again” and posted the video on TikTok which went viral. Jimmy Kimmel welcomed the couple on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and surprised them by having Dawes play the song that made the Bakers stars on the internet.

Riley told Kimmel she had a mere 25 followers on TikTok when she posted the clip. The video has been seen over eight million times and Riley now has over 50,000 followers. Duston and Riley spoke about the situation with Jimmy as the husband noted, “I saw god for a little bit and we had a chat and he inspired me to write the song.” He revealed he sings the song every time he takes a shower.

Duston explained his family and friends now call him the “menthol man.” While he always aspired to become a rock star, this wasn’t exactly the way he planned to break into the business. Kimmel went on to present a “Porcelain Record” to the pair in honor of their feat.

Watch the Baker’s appearance including Dawes’ “I Washed My Ass With Menthol Soap Again” performance below:

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